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Company Introduction

As researchers, consultants and industry executives, we’ve been practitioners, buyers and users of market research for over a decade. We’ve analyzed many consumer markets and looked in-depth at consumers across China. We understand the full range of market research services, because we’ve done and used what’s out there. We know that most research has been limited by a lack of time, money or access to target respondents.

We’ve designed Findoout from the ground up with real customers and real-life situations in mind. We’ve combined the features that we know research buyers need: quality, speed, flexibility and value for money. When you need tailored market data right away, we provide powerful insight that’s affordably priced and simply delivered. Our aim is simple: to help our clients make better, faster, more informed decisions. 

Since 2008, the Findoout team has brought together experienced research users and practitioners with some of the brightest software development talent, to create a company built on fresh, practical thinking and advanced technology. We’ve provided market data for dozens of international and domestic clients using our targeted, focused, online micro-survey. We’re appointed online survey platform by China Marketing Research Center of Fudan University. 

Meanwhile, with our website of self-tests, we can continuously develop and provide samples based on our clients’ sample needs.