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Another Option For Your Market Research

Another Option For Your Market Research

At Findoout, we have a fresh approach to market research. We help our clients make informed decisions through high quality research that’s quick, accurate and cost-effective. By embedding highly targeted, focused micro-surveys into a proprietary website of self-tests (, we gather market data and deliver market insights to clients in as little as 24 hours.

  • A user visits He/she makes a registration and/or takes the self-tests of his/her likes;
  • Upon completing a self-test, the user receives a survey invitation in real time. He/she gets to choose whether to take the survey or skip it and get the result of the self-test;
  • Upon completing the survey, the respondent gets the self-test result and Findoout receives real-time respondent data, often within hours of a survey launch;
  • If needed, we also use the members of the to conduct surveys;
  • Findoout promotes its self-tests in China’s leading networks.

Findoout Research Overview

We can help you unlock consumer thinking in the world’s most challenging, dynamic and high-growth markets.Findoout is faster, more accurate, more flexible and cheaper than traditional panel based research.


  • Short survey - high rate of return
  • Real-time data as respondents are engaged in
  • Real-time access to interim results
  • Efficient system that is capable of doing sophisticated analysis and simple exporting of survey results in Excel and PowerPoint file formats
  • Tailer-made survey results in as little as 24 hours


  • Short questionnaire ensures authentic data from survey participants
  • All respondents come from members of users
  • Rich data set on all members through self-tests
  • High standard quality controls
  • Strict ongoing member management
  • Respondents are not paid with cash, excluding possible “professional survey takers”


  • Custom-designed – highly focused
  • Ability to connect with a unique audience by promoting in the relevant websites based on the clients’ sample needs
  • A survey can be launched any time while ready-to-survey respondents logged in to

Affordable Price

  • No remuneration involved that keeps the cost low
  • No need to recruit samples periodically since samples are generated continuously from
  • Efficient system that keeps prices low
  • Targeted, focused survey to suit even limited budgets